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Archive - Information about the Second International Stage Fencing Championship 2006 in Berlin



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DVD of the championship 2009

The DVD of the championship is finished and will be shipped. We send the DVDs after the reception of the payment.

Trailer of the championship 2009:

Advertising film for the championship 2009:

Archive - Information about the first International Stage Fencing Championship, 15th to 17th of September 2006 in Berlin

In September 2006 the German Academy of Fencing (ADFD) and the fencing division of the Olympic Sports Club Berlin (OSC Berlin) organised succesfully the First International German Championship in Stage Fencing with governing mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, as the patron of the event. At the championship 70 fencers from 7 nations (USA, Russia, France, Belgium, Norway, Czech Republic and Germany) did participate with in total 31 performances. In total about 500 spectators were enchanted by the different performances.


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The jury and the technical directorate consisted of the following persons.


Technical Directorate:

You can find the opinions of participants and spectators about the championship in 2006 in the guest book.

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