The organisers summary of the First International German Championship in
Stage Fencing 2006

An event, which was big and important for the fencing sport and the scenic fencing, is over now. The German Academy of Fencing (ADFD) and the fencing department of the OSC Berlin did magnificently organise together the First International German Championship in stage fencing.

We, the organisers, made an effort to set up an international championship at a high level, which we managed successfully. Down the line we got positive reactions of the participants, the assistants, the spectators and the jury. Therefore the financial and organisational expenditure was worth it.

We were surprised and, of course, happy about the large number of participants from the different countries. At the championship 70 fencers from 7 nations (USA, Russia, France, Belgium, Norway, Czech Republic and Germany) did participate with in total 31 performances. Everybody was enthusiastic about the partly very different performances and the creative ideas, which the participants realised in their own plays. This spectrum of various fencing styles and the plots and the international aspect did especially please us. In total about 500 spectators were enchanted by the performances at the competition and at the evening gala.

We want to say a special thank you to the participants, who partially made a great journey to be able to take part and who presented wonderful performances. Another thanks goes to the jury and the technique board of directors. Both teams consisted of competent experts out of the sectors theatre, stage combat and stage fencing from France, Great Britain, Italy, Ireland and Germany. They contributed decisively to the smooth and fair course of the championship. We want to say a big thank you to the numerous assistants. Without them the event could not possibly take place. Moreover the traders offering arms, books about fencing and leather ware contributed to the good atmosphere. The event was rounded off by two workshops, at which participants and spectators of the championship had the possibility to get new insights into the world of scenic fencing and stage combat under competent guidance. A very special thanks for the good cooperation goes to the FEZ Berlin and the technicians. The centre for children, youngsters and families at Wuhlheide has optimal conditions with a good infrastructure and helpful employees for such an event.

We hope, that this championship can become established and take part in a regular turn of two years. This depends on finding a suitable location, finding dedicated organisers and having a good financial background for this event.
Anyway we are optimistic and look forward to the next championship in stage fencing. We hope to meet there many known and new participants from different countries. We want to especially call on the German fencers to take part in greater numbers in the next championship.

Karsten Hoffmann
ADFD and OSC Berlin

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