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Congratulations to all winners of the 3rd International German Championship in Srage Fencing. And thanks a lot to all participants and all helpers who made this wonderful event happen. [11.11.2011]


The results of the championship 2011 are now online. [11.11.2011]


The schedules for the rehearsals on Friday and the championship on Saturday are now online. [2.11.2011]


We still have places available for the Rapier and Dagger Workshop with Kristoffer Jørgensen at the 6.11. You can still register. [28.10.2011]


Technical Directorate [28.10.2011]


List of the judges [20.10.2011]:


Information about the Workshops are online. Registrations can be made until the 23.10. [14.10.2011]


Now you can find all registrations here. [14.10.2011]


To the participants: Please transfer the money for the accommodation and the registration seperately and indicate the name of your group. [14.10.2011]
IBAN DE31310500003649274


Added different maps to the location. [08.09.2011]


Attention, to all participants: If you have registered for the championship but haven't got a confirmation for your plays,
please write to Mike Roth: [07.09.2011]


We extended the registration for the participants until the 18.09.2011. Until now we got registrations from 15 different teams. [01.09.2011]


Please find below Information for the (International) German Championship in Stage Fencing 2011, on the 4th-5th November in the Kaiser Friedrich Halle in Mönchengladbach. News and changes of the event you will find on this pages.

The time has come!

Two years have passed, since the last Championship and we are very pleased to cordially invite you to Mönchengladbach for the Championship in 2011.

As a special feature of the event, we gladly would like to inform you, that we this year proclaimed two awards.

1st German Championship in Stage Fencing
3rd International German Championship in Stage Fencing

The ratings of all German associations & participants of the 3rd International German Championship will be used automatically for the 1st German Championship.

In this way we are able to create a international comparability of all participants, but also a adequate comparability especially for German participants.

(The entry fee fall due only once)

We look forward to see you!


Additional to set of rules and safety guidelines we especially inform you about following:

In the case of an violation of one of the below described points, the performance immediately stopped and the participant(s), or group will be disqualified.

1. In case of danger of spectator safety (e.g. through weapon & act in auditorium)

2. Non- compliance fire restrictions (-no fire-)

Thank you for your understanding.


Map of Stage Fencing and Stage Combat: You can register places in a map where you can learn Stage Fencing/Stage Combat and you can search for these places. [15.01.2010]