Map of Stage Fencing and Stage Combat

This is a map where everyone can add places of Stage Fencing and Stage Combat. Mainly this map should serve as an overview and searching tool for places where regular training and workshops in stage fencing take place. This map lives from you and your contributions. So if you know places of stage fencing/stage combat training or workshops please add them to this map.

The term Stage Combat describes choreographed fights which are performed in front of an audience or camera. It sets a high value on safety and on telling a story with the fight. Stage Fencing can be seen as a part of stage combat. It focuses on choreographed fights with edged weapons.

Further instructions and hints on how to add a place

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You can download the data as kml-file to view it in GoogleEarth, or you can subscribe to a GeoRSS-Feed:

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Further instructions and hints on how to add a place:

  1. Navigate and zoom to the place on the map where you want to add a marker. You can also use the search field and type an address.
  2. Click "Add Place" and place the new marker on the right location (Move the marker in the middle of the map to your place.). Zoom in to find the exact location of the place. You should also use the map view or the satellite or hybrid view for zooming in further (Use the button in the top right of the map.).
  3. Fill in the fields on the left side. You don't have to fill out all fields.
  4. If you want to edit an existing place, click on the marker and click on edit.
  5. Complete the process (Click the Complete button.). Your place is saved and will be reviewed by the administrator. The administrator will activate your place and make it visible on the map. The places will also be listed in alphabetical order on the left side. Thank you for your collaboration.
If you have problems, questions or some hints please write to hoffmann@szenisches-fechten.de


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