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Rules and Procedures

This section provides some information about procedures and regulations (shortened and with no guarantee). To download the complete and authoritative set of rules of the competition in stage combat click the following link:

Rules of the International German Championship in Stage Fencing (pdf, 70 KB)

We advice you to read also the following document with hints about the rules and some terms: hints for the rules (pdf, 12 KB)

Nature of Competition:

Each participating organisation or team has to present a short stage play to the jury. Central to the stage play has to be at least one fight. The fencing scenes presented in competition need to be appropriate to a pre-chosen epoch.


The participants compete in the following categories:


The categories Duel and Group are still divided into the following epochs:

  1. Antiquity/Middle Ages
  2. Renaissance to the 19th century
  3. 20th century, Contemporary, Freestyle (Timeless, Fantasy)

The epochs 1 and 2 call for presentations that take pattern from history. The scenario, storyline, mode of fencing, weapons, costumes and props must be in line with the chosen epoch. The category Solo is not bound to a specified epoch.


1. Block rehearsals:
Before competition, participants get the opportunity to rehearse on stage. Technicians can be briefed about requirements for light and sound.

2. Competition
During the competition, each organisation or team may present their play only once to the jury. Afterwards the prizes will be awarded.

Duration of presentation:

A presentation in the category Solo should take at least 1.5 minutes and maximally 3 minutes. In the category Duel a presentation should take at least 3 minutes and maximally 5 minutes. In the category Group a presentation should take at least 4 minutes and maximally 7 minutes. The actual fighting should account for at least 50% and at most 80% of the presentation time.

Organisations and teams, which do not adhere to rules of duration, will lose points for penalty (for further information see the rules). To set up and to clear the stage a maximum of 1 to 2 minutes extra time is given.

Conditions for participation:

All national and international organisations (e.g. clubs, associations, teams) will be accepted for competition, given that

Hint: According to the rules the person responsible for registration of participants must be a fencing instructor. This qualification refers to fencing masters, coaches and prévôts as well as teachers and instructors for stage, film or any other artistic fencing performance. This includes also licensed PE teachers and coaches for any sport.

Jury and evaluation:

The jury consists of 5 to 7 members, who are experts either in fencing, on acting, directing, weapons or costumes. Another official is the timekeeper.
The maximum score for a presentation from each judge is 30 points, divided into the technical aspect (10 points max.), the artistic aspect (10 points max.) and the overall impression (10 points max.). After the presentation of all participating teams, the jury will decide on the winners and the placing of all teams within each category and epoch.

Safety instructions:

The use of open fire, pyrotechnics or inflammable props on stage is strictly prohibited. The host will not assume liabilities for any damage on participant's costumes, weapons or props.

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